WEB SITE GOALS: WCA PSYCHOLOGY DEPARTMENT is committed to the safety and well-being of the youth of Chautauqua County and the surrounding areas. Fire safety is part of these juvenile safety concerns. Indeed, national statistics on firesetting by juveniles indicate some frightening trends that threaten the lives and homes in many communities across the country. Frequently cited statistics and trends include:

The juvenile firesetting trends such as those named above reflect national statistics. Most communities have fire tragedies that resulted in serious injuries and/or deaths over the years. There are also daily and weekly unreported fires that are more frequent than the more tragic events which capture the news headlines. These more "minor" fire safety problems (e.g., papers, carpets, or mattresses lit on fire by youths) often worry parents and caretakers of juveniles because of their concerns about stopping the future firesetting behaviors of their children. The main goal of the WCAHEAT.COM web site is to have a 24/7 information access point for our community as related to the safety concerns associated with juvenile firesetters. This web site is intended to assist local residents and caretakers in their understanding & identification of emerging or existing fire safety problems for a youth.